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Raccoon Roadkill Resurrection

by Titan Arum

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Broken, and opened, you bleed out
Your insides strewn around you
Your gore is pressed, into the cracks in the road
Yet your mind lights into flame
Though the bones in your legs are twisted
Yet I command you stand
Crushed ones, I resurrect you

Crumbling skulls, shredded meat
Rise from the concrete
Dark magic cold embrace
Locks the bones back into place

A cruel flash of light
And a punishing sound
Now my rib cage
Has emptied itself all over the ground

I lay there for two nights
In the stillness of the end
Now mysterious forces
My flattened flesh will mend

Rising from the cold stone
With a sickening pop
I feel a comforting presence
In the cold of the raindrops

In the darkness of a ditch
A woman dressed in rags
A bloodied forest witch

Her skin
Is stitched from animal meats
From her cicatrix smile
An oily fluid secretes

I hear her voice
Whisper in my cloven head
She promises me life anew
If I pledged my servitude

I follow her
To the depths of the wild
Wherein the dead live
With razor teeth they smiled

The witch’s fire
They plot revenge on man
Their hatred burning higher

Magically imbuing us
With unnatural strength and speed
The witch instructs us to go forth
And wreak our hate with violent deeds

At sundown we crawl out
To hunt human meat
Misanthropic hordes
Pour into the streets
But arrogant man
Was too strong to defeat

So over the course
Of many dark nights
Our matriarch chose
Those most full of spite
To be broken down
Then combined magically
Our flesh as the clay
For her dark artistry

Now, our bodies bound together
With twine and rusty nails
Unstoppable monstrosity, built from our rotting forms
We wage war on the concrete land
From the forest we come to slay them
Vengeance for our souls
Under her command

Crumbling skulls, shredded meat
Rise from the concrete
Dark magic cold embrace
Locks the bones back into place

Armored by black magic protection
Murdered by the gasoline beast
Witchery brings us back to feast


released December 8, 2020




Titan Arum Peterborough, Ontario

We're a Peterborough On-based melodic metal band that makes songs about animals, nature, and dark fantasy tales

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